Made in Germany
Made in Germany

New: Softgel capsules

Softgel capsules are filled with many active ingredients.
We have a wide range of possibilities:
  • We have several colours available depending on product
  • You are looking for a different kind of product? 
  • Specific packaging?
No problem! - we can change the colour into any other one or change the kind of product e.g. into
  • Multivitamin = red 
  • Vitamin C = orange
  • Omega 3 = gold
  • Calcium + Vitamin D = white
  • Echinacea + Propolis = light red
  • Hair, Skin + Nails = attached (pink)
  • CBD = green
  • Vitamin D = yellow
Soft capsules are very useful - they are very small and must not be chewed which means they are easy to take in.
Another benefit is, that the active agents in the liquid core can be absorbed by the body directly.
Sounds interesting, doesn't it? It does!
You would like to find out more about soft capsules and our possibilities? 
The possibilities are diverse and we can give advices about the perfect packaging as well.
You just have to inform us about your wishes and we will and in the end you will hold the final product in your hands.
So, what are you waiting for?
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