Vitamin pills, softgel and capsules

Discover our self-made vitamin tablets, softgels and capsules

Vitamin pills

We offer you the opportunity to have completely individual tablets made in terms of shape, color and ingredients.


We use sorbitol as the standard filler.


Vitamin tablets offer completely different advantages than fruit gums:

  • vegan and non-vegan variant l
  • ong durability
  • good dosability
  • easy to take, often divisible if necessary
  • Odor and taste neutral


Packaging either in blisters, in bottles, bags or as bulk.


Let us give you comprehensive advices on the manufacture of tablets as food supplements. We respond individually to your wishes.


So-called soft gel capsules are formed, filled and sealed in one operation - this manufacturing process allows liquid ingredients to be processed and completely and safely sealed.


  • Some benefits of softgel capsule are:
  • Processing of liquid raw materials
  • soft gel capsules are completely sealed
  • easy ingestion and application
  • Odor and taste neutral


Packaging either in blisters or bottles.

Capsules - most popular dosage form

Capsules can be used in high doses and have no unpleasant smell or taste properties - unlike softgels or tablets, capsules are neither bitter nor have a fishy taste.


  • Capsules offer you many advantages:
  • reliable protection for sensitive raw materials
  • high flexibility: vegan or non-vegan variants possible
  • easy to take and precise dosing, similar to soft capsules
  • Odor and taste neutral


Packaging optionally in blisters, bottles or bags.


Let our team advise you on further advantages and feasibility.