What's new at Brefapharm ?

CNBS - Hemp fair in Dortmund

In 2019 we were represented at the CNBS - Hemp fair in Dortmund for the first time.


For two days, Anna-lena (left) and Fabian (right) presented our own creations at our self-built corner stand, in addition to the classic CBD oil:

  • CBD - fruit gums
  • CBD shots


Anna-Lena and Fabian "celebrated" their premiere at CNBS in 2019 - for both of them it was the first time that they represented Brefapharm GmbH alone at a fair.


As a family company, it is particularly important to us to involve the next generation at an early stage and to give them tasks with which they can grow.


Our intuition was correct, because the CNBS was visited by many younger people - so it was much easier for Fabian and Anna-Lena to tell the visitors about us and our products.


What Anna-Lena said after the fair:

"We met a lot of nice people at the CNBS and got mostly positive feedback on our products. We also had English-speaking visitors, so you had to really come out of yourself and just trust yourself - all in all a great success."


We will visit CNBS once again one day.